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Nothing is more important than an up to date website!

As you will hear from almost every every marketing expert and company, ensuring that your website stays up to date is vital to success. Searing the internet and you will find endless benefits of updating your website – so we’re highlighting 3 of the key reasons

3 reasons why you should update your website

1. Your business has changed

Since the invention of the world wide web (WWW) in 1989, it has changed dramatically and continues to develop every second!

Just like the internet, you business has most likely evolved since you invested into a website. It’s important that your website changes with the times and reflects the services that you offer today, not 10 years ago. Keeping your website up to date with content and the look that it gives off is they key to having a great online presence.

2. Mobiles are used more than desktops

Since technology is continuously evolving and mobile phones are becoming a mini hand held computer, it’s likely that potential clients will visit your website on a mobile device rather than a desktop.

If your site isn’t mobile responsive, then it’s likely that visitors will exit your site as it isn’t giving them a user friendly experience.

3. Build Trust

Let’s face it… whenever you visit a website, you can tell instantly if you like the site or not. By keeping your website updated, it shows your potential clients that you care. If a potential client can see that you care and are passionate about your business, then they are more likely to trust in your services.

So, time to update your website?

At BDP Media Solutions, we understand that running your own business can be very time consuming, which is why we take care of all the hard work for your website. From looking to get a brand new website for your business or updating your current site, we’ve got it covered.

Just get in contact with us to discuss your requirements and we’ll take it from there!

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