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Do i need a website for my business? We hear this question too often, and the short answer is yes, every business should have a website.

You might be thinking that your business is booming without a website, so what’s the point in getting one now?

Quite simply, there has never been a better or more significant time to invest in a website for your business. For small businesses, a website provides you with an extensive list of benefits. One of the most important reasons behind ensuring that your business has a website is to ensure that you grow year on year.

Still not convinced? We’ve put together the top 8 benefits to your business when you invest in a website.

Top ten reasons why you need a website for your small business

Do i need a website for my business?

#1 Increase your professional feel

84% of consumers think a website makes your business more credible than those who only have a social media web presence. Many businesses pride themselves on awards and professional certifications that they have, a website is the best place to display these to the world.

By investing in your own website, you are also able to have your own custom email addresses. E.g.

#2 Your website can attract new customers

You may be thinking that you have a good level of customers under your belt, but at some point, every business will experience customer turnover. In order to ensure the continuous success of your business, invest in a website to grow your client list.

#3 Showcase your products and services, easily in one place

With over 80% of consumers conducing market research before parting with their money, it is important that you can stand out from the crowd. Investing in a website for your business allows you to show off your products and services and stand out from competitors.

You can also use a website to promote new products or services which you will be offering. Promoting products and services will allow you to show off what you do best.

#4 Prominently display your best review and testimonials to potential clients

Displaying a selection of your best reviews and/or testomonials on your website is a great way to establish social proof.

#5 Encourage potential clients to contact you

Many consumers look for ways to contact businesses to find out about their services. Having a website is a great place to easily display your contact information.

To make it even easier, it is a great idea to display a contact form on your website. Allowing consumers to message you directly could increase your credibility.

#6 Allow clients to find you easily with a map

Having a website allows you to display a map, helping clients to find you. Investing in an online presence will help to increase your client geographical location, help make it easy for them to find you by showing a map with your location.

#7 Ensure success over the years

In 2020, almost 4.45 billion people use the internet.

Without a website, your business is non-existent to these people. As the world becomes more focused on digital development, it is important that your business makes it’s mark online.

#8 You can do all of this without spending a fortune

At BDP Media Solutions, we’re all about helping small businesses to grow, which is why we’re proud to offer affordable websites. From as little as £139.00, you can get your business a website and join the online world.

What are you waiting for?

It’s clear to see that having a website is an absolute must for every business, even well established businesses. There’s no time line the present, please contact us to discuss your business and how we can help you.